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Salt Museum, Delden

Zoutmuseum, Delden

September 12, 2016

The Zoutmuseum in Delden is a modern museum that shows both history and many (surprising) aspects of salt.

Zoutmuseum, Delden

In the beautiful gardens of Twickel castle (Delden), there is this square stone with a text about drilling on this spot for finding pure drinking water in the year 1886. But even at a depth of 566 metre the water appeared to be extremely salty. This led to the discovery of enormous salt fields in the bottom of the eastern part of Overijssel, in the region Twente. Especially the village of Boekelo is known for it's salt industry (AKZO Nobel).

Zoutmuseum, Delden

On the picture: Left an old drilling tower (derrick) and right the much smaller new one. The new one can be seen on many places in the region, and a handful of old ones have been preserved. Sometimes as a cozy restaurant (Hengelo) and near the AKZO factory in Hengelo.

(to be continued)