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Peat Museum, Vriezenveen

Veenmuseum Vriezenveenseveld

August 27, 2016

Veen means peat, and when there's veen in the name of a city or village, you know that once there was peat involved. It's hard to believe now, but large parts of The Netherlands consisted of inaccessible peat and moor, less than a century ago.

Veenmuseum, Vriezenveen

The Peatmuseum in Vriezenveen is an outdoor museum, and you can let yourself drive around by a small peattrain. But you can also walk easily, because the area is quite small.

Veenmuseum, Vriezenveen

After a demonstration of peat digging, you can visit the house of a peat boss.

In the house there is a small shop where the peat diggers can buy the stuff they need. In the living room there is also a bar, where workers get their wages and can spend it right away on liquor.

(to be continued)