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Welcome to the bottom of the sea

Welcome to the bottom of the sea

July 26, 2016

The Noordoostpolder was originally part of our province Overijssel, but became later together with the new Flevopolder the 12th province of Nederland.
Coming from Zwolle and Kampen, driving via the N50 into the former Zuiderzee (later IJsselmeer lake) after the Ramspolbrug (bridge) we are always welcomed by this artwork/monument made by Rien Happel (deceased in 2007). It says "Welcome to the bottom of the sea" (Welkom op de zeebodem), and that gave us a mysterious feeling.
After reconstruction and adding more lanes to the road, the monument had to be removed from the 'entrance' of the polder. It has been moved to the exit Ens, further down the road.

The 'V' and the two 'waves' symbolise the victory of the sea. The polder lies meters below sealevel.