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Enjoying Nederland?
Don't forget Overijssel!

Giethoorn is beautiful

You have been in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and probably other interesting cities. But I guess you haven't seen much of the province of Overijssel.

That's why I'd like to fill you in on this beautiful part of The Netherlands, which is much more tranquil than the western provinces like Zuid Holland (South Holland) and Noord Holland (North Holland).

Touristic areas, adventure parks, national parks and other events are usually less crowded than in other provinces. Except for the many music festivals, which are often sold out.
In general the price-level is lower than in the western provinces.

Overijssel has also many rural areas, and is ideal for long or short bicycle trips. Concerning flower-beauty, we have the most impressive flower parades. And together with the neighbouring province of Gelderland there are more flower parades (both on wheels and on boats) then elsewhere.

And occasionally I will take you along to the neighboring provinces of Gelderland and Drenthe.

Oh yes, you have to accept my limited English. I hope it does not hurt too much.

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Discover Overijssel, The Netherlands 2016 Dick Waanders