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Hundertwasser building, Goor

Aan de Stegge, Goor

July 26, 2016

The small town of Goor, in the region Twente, has the only 'Hundertwasser building' in The Netherlands.

Aan de Stegge, Goor

Hundertwasser was an Austrian painter/designer from the previous century and he has built several famous fairytale and strange buildings around the world.

Aan de Stegge, Goor

This one in Goor has not been built by himself, but the company who owns the building made the design in the style of Hundertwasser. By architect Barend Scherpbier.

Aan de Stegge, Goor

The company is a building contractor named Aan de Stegge. The inside of the whole building has been designed in the same Hundertwasser style as well. There are no guided tours on a daily basis, but if you ask politely at the reception you may be allowed to take a peek for a few minutes.

The spots on the car park are not square.

The street lights are not straight.

The inside is even more crazy. But we don't have pictures yet.

Painting by Riya Melgert

Riya made this colorful painting inspired by Hundertwasser and French artist Gaudi.