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Museum History of Vriezenveen

Museum History of Vriezenveen

Photo: Marion Golsteijn, Wikipedia

August 20, 2016

Vriezenveen in Twente is a peculiar little village.
It has a 6,2 km long main street with characteristic houses that are placed at an angle. It has it's own dialect, that differs from the ones in surrounding places. It has five museums, and it still has a large area of peat-land.

In the beginning there was a large swampy area with some 40 farm-houses. From the province of Friesland people came to colonise the area, and they named it Friezenveen (later: Vriezenveen).

The museum tells the story of how a group of merchants travelled the long way to St. Petersburg in Russia to do business there. They are called the Rusluie.
The museum shows the big fire that destroyed hundreds of houses. Vriezenveen had a great textile industry and a factory that made worldfamous underwear: Jansen & Tilanus. The museum has an old living room, a kitchen and a small school. Everything is set up nice and professionally.
It's a joy to visit this museum and we have to conclude that history is often more fascinating than we think.

Alas we cannot show you pictures, because the museum does not allow taking pictures.
Most information is in Dutch and the museum will not appeal to small children, I suppose.