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Bolletje Museum, Almelo

Bolletje shop and museum

July 27, 2016

In the original (1867) building of the famous Dutch bakery Bolletje in Almelo, there's a shop and little coffee restaurant. On “De Meelzolder” (the Flour Loft) you will find a small museum about the history of the bakery. You can visit the museum for free, and leave a small gift if you like. The museum has a lot of objects to show, but when we were there recently we found that the museum could use some cleaning up or renovating. Explaining cards (all in Dutch) could be renewed and some English translation could be added. Probably this will happen soon.

Bolletje shop and museum

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This former bakery from 1910 can be found is the same street as the Bolletje Shop, but more towards the center of Almelo.
For more details of this original building go to:
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