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About Dutch mountains


August 30, 2016

One say that The Netherlands is completely flat, and that biking is always a cinch. But is that really true?

Wikipedia has a substantial list of mountains (bergen) in The Netherlands. The highest are in the province of Limburg. I will only focus on the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland, and add some of the mountains that are not listed on Wikipedia.



Mountains in Overijssel & Gelderland

>100 meter

Signaal Imbosch (Rheden, Gelderland) 109,9 meter
Torenberg (Hoog Soeren, Gelderland) 107,1 meter
Zijpenberg (Rheden, Gelderland]) 103,9 meter
Tafelberg (Rheden, Gelderland) 103,9 meter
Galgenberg (Terlet, Gelderland) 102,5 meter
Aardmansberg (Hoog Soeren, Gelderland) 101,0 meter
Onzalige bossen (Rheden, Gelderland) 100,4 meter

50-100 meter

Vlierenberg (Groesbeek, Gelderland) 99,8 meter
Emmapiramide (Rheden, Gelderland) 98,1 meter
Hettenheuvel (Zeddam, Gelderland) 93,0 meter
Tankenberg (Oldenzaal, Overijssel) 85,1 meter
Hulzenberg (Stokkum, Gelderland) 84,6 meter
Archemerberg (Archem, Overijssel) 79,9 meter
Paasberg (Oldenzaal, Overijssel) 79,8 meter
Broodberg (Elspeet, Gelderland) 77,8 meter
Hoogte 80 (Arnhem, Gelderland) 77,5 meter
Lemelerberg (Lemele, Overijssel) 77,0 meter
Braamberg (Vasse, Overijssel) 76,2 meter
Tutenberg (Vasse, Overijssel), 76,1 meter
Duivelsberg (Berg en Dal, Gelderland) 75,9 meter
Koningsbelt (Rijssen, Overijssel) 75,5 meter
Kuiperberg (Ootmarsum, Overijssel), 71,0 meter
Montferland (Zeddam, Gelderland) 66,8 meter
Woldberg, 't Harde, Gelderland, 61 meter
Holterberg (Holten, Overijssel) 59,5 meter
Goudsberg (Lunteren, Gelderland) 50,0 meter

<50 meter

Lochemseberg (Lochem, Gelderland) 49,2 meter
Kale Berg (Lochem, Gelderland) 46,5 meter
Needse Berg, (Neede, Gelderland) 34,6 meter
Luttenberg (Luttenberg, Overijssel) 31,0 meter
Woldberg (Steenwijk, Overijssel) 26,0 meter

De Nijverdalse Berg

The railway line runs through the Nijverdalse Berg. Here the railway company made a temporarily end-station, since they were in the process of building a new tunnel and station for the railway and a road for the other traffic. On top of the mountain buses unloaded the passengers for the trains. The passengers had to make a long scary walk downstairs to the train platform on the other side of the tracks. In the meantime everything has been removed again.


More mountains and hills

Herikerberg (Goor, Overijssel)
Galgenberg (Vasse, Overijssel)
Nijverdalse Berg (Nijverdal, Overijssel)
Sprengenberg (Haarle, Overijssel)
Markelose Berg (Markelo, Overijssel)
Rijssenerberg (Rijssen, Overijssel)
Friezenberg (Rijssen, Overijssel)
Noetseler Berg (Nijverdal, Overijssel)
Grimberg (Wierden, Overijssel)
Beuseberg (Nijverdal, Overijssel)