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Airbase Twenthe

Airbase Twenthe Welkom

August 4, 2016

Have you ever wanted to walk around freely on a heavy guarded military airbase? Now you can! On Airbase Twenthe.
However Airbase Twenthe is not a military base anymore and is not heavily guarded since 2008. But all signs of the former use and the long history are still present.

Airbase Twenthe shelter

There are lots of very solid shelters, many of them are concealed by trees and bushes.

Airbase Twenthe

The purpose of this vehicle is not clear to us. It stands near a large gate that leads to the events terrain.

Airbase Twenthe Hill

The airbase - which also had limited civil aviation - is now in the process of transforming into a place for large events like music festivals and for walkers and cyclists. There's a “discovery path” of 3,5 kilometers that leads to several buildings on the site. Like this hill with two large reservoirs filled with liquid.

Airbase Twenthe Hill

The original function of the reservoirs was fuelstation for the airplanes. Now the hill can be used for spotting birds and other animals.

Airbase Twenthe Bathotel

There are many wild animals on the base, including some rare bats. They have their own bat-hotel in this bunker.

Airbase Twenthe Guard shacks

All over the airbase there are little concrete buildings where the guards did look out for intruders.

Airbase Twenthe Hangars

Large and larger hangars for hiding or maintaining the planes can be found on various sites. This is hangar 18, hangar 11 could maintain 12 jetfighters at the same time. The hall is now used for large events like flea markets.

Airbase Twenthe traffic tower

The traffic tower.

Airbase Twenthe radar tower

The radar tower (still functioning).

Airbase Twenthe radar tower

The radar tower in full.

(More to come)